Kristen was our PR partner for over a year. During that time, she provided invaluable benefit to our business. Kristen was the face of our Public Relations presence, and provided a steady hand, while helping us navigate multiple product releases. Throughout our relationship, she provided clear insights to my leadership team, actionable strategies during a period of significant change management, and represented the voice of the customer, which materially informed several critical decisions. I recommend Kristen without qualification.

Charles Frydenborg, CEO, MarketMuse

Kris and the Ruby Media Group was the best ROI and outcome I've ever had working/hiring/spending $$$ in PR. It's not even close. I put her head to head against the #1 ranked firm in NYC (and in the USA for my vertical) and she kicked their ass from an outcome and results standpoint. While working with her was more intense than I expected, she cared more about MY company and MY press/outcomes than ANY other vendor or 3rd party I've ever hired in 20 years and in the 10 years as CEO of my firm. This is not hyperbole. She landed more nationwide print and TV spots for me in 2019 than I expected for what I was paying and, again, flat out embarrassed the giant NYC firm I hired. She was smarter, more aggressive, a better writer, had better results AND objectively cared more than they did by two orders of magnitude. Worth every penny.

Thomas Donohoe, Founder + Agency CEO, Author of “The CEO's Digital Marketing Playbook”

I have had the pleasure of Kris guest speaking in my JOUR 470: Tools for Digital Public Relations class at California State University, Long Beach every semester for the past three years. She has spoken on a variety of topics including social media, pitching media in the digital age, influencer marketing, succeeding in your PR career and misconceptions about PR. Not only is she a knowledgable and inspiring guest speaker, she also practices what she preaches by conducting her lecture via Facebook Live, further demonstrating to students the power of digital public relations. Each semester when we have students evaluate the class, Kris' Facebook Live lecture and open Q&A session come up repeatedly as one of the most valuable lessons of the class

Jennifer Newton, Public Relations & Journalism Professor > Digital Media Expert > Entrepreneur > Freelance PR Consultant > Good Person

We hired Ruby Media Group to secure media coverage for our company pivot story post pandemic and wow did they deliver. Kris Ruby landed us numerous digital press placements in high impact media outlets that we otherwise never would have had access to. She is professional, dogged, responsive and dedicated to getting the job done. I was impressed with the endless stream of new media opportunities she brought to the table from podcasts to live stream shows and trade outlets in the industry in which we were looking for media coverage. RMG enhanced our visibility on a national level in under 30 days which is rare. Many PR firms will say they can’t prove results in six months, but RMG showed results in less than 30 days in numerous media outlets. They have a robust list of media contacts and relationships with podcast hosts, reporters, producers and journalists and they were a vital part of gaining visibility and press for the product and the company’s economic turnaround story. The press coverage the company secured increased our domain authority and boosted web site traffic. The media coverage and increased traffic to our web site led to a substantial increase in new product sales and e-commerce web site visits in a short period of time, which ultimately achieved our goal of securing press coverage that converted to new product sales. I highly recommend Ruby Media Group’s PR services for entrepreneurs. Substantial industry knowledge in the B2B space was also a huge plus, as well as the business boosting ideas and strategic counsel that went well beyond traditional PR ideas for how to reposition our brand.

Robert Greenspoon, Patent Attorney, Law Firm Founder, Inventor and Entrepreneur

When it comes to national media relations and strategic thinking about how to get a client's story covered, Kris is an excellent resource. She knows how to take an idea and transform it to align with current news trends. She has been kind enough to support me and my team when she didn't have to. Based on my experience, she's well worth an investment to take you to the next level.

Brian Chandler, CEO at Commonwealth PR

Kris is really a social media expert that knows how to identify your needs and provide you with excellent and practical solutions right on spot. I really appreciated the consultation that I had with Kris. She was straight to the point and clear with her explanations. I highly recommend Kris to anyone who needs social media advice.

José Xavier Durán Rossetto